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Fantastically Formal - An English Exploration of the Menswear Community

Diving deeper into the sartorial style with our international neighbors, and finding an abundance of inspiration.

Although our foundation is distinctly Italian, the scope of our inspiration and connection extends well beyond the confines of a single aesthetic. What makes a brand, a community, a vision strong is not in the narrowness of its scope, but the goals that drive it, and the purpose behind those goals. Ultimately, our goal is to develop beauty through creation, by observing the world and ourselves. This is something that can be done anywhere, whether in the sunlit cobblestoned streets of Florence or in the moody hills of England.

This September, we traveled to London, and then beyond to Oxford and the countryside to spend time immersed in our sartorial community, building old and new relationships, as well as discovering spaces that inspire us in fresh ways.

a group of people in a store
A Visit to the Walker Slater London Store

From our Fantastically Formal black tie event with The Sartorial club, to in-depth visiting Scottish brand Walker Slater, to sketching medieval architecture, to quiet evenings spent in a countryside pub, each element brought forth a newfound enthusiasm for our mission to create.

Fantastically Formal: A True Menswear Community Event

a group of well-dressed people in London
Some of the Fantastically Formal Group

Our main event with The Sartorial Club was held at Dugdale Bros & Co, a renowned English textile merchant with a fantastic showroom in the heart of London. We were warmly welcomed by our hosts, and evening partners, as well as the chairman, sartorial guru and quiz host, Chris Modoo.

Launching during the course of the evening was the new Sartorial Club Crest, co-designed by us and Jack Collins, TSC member and city lead, as well as Gentleman's Gazette writer. The crest was displayed embroidered on luxurious velvet, now available as slippers by Bowhill and Elliot, through The Sartorial Club's Curated Collection.

Additionally showcasing that evening was cufflink and accessory brand Tsai by Tsai, run by our good friends and club members Patricia and Nick. Their minimalist cufflinks are certain to pair well with any black tie attire in a unique way.

gold and silver cufflinks
Cufflinks by Tsai by Tsai

a man in a suit
Gerry from Collarbone London

The other partner was Collarbone London - a quintessentially British brand that’s reimagining shirtmaking in the modern age by enabling their clients to build, customize and order bespoke shirts that are made according to their dimensions. Gerry, its founder is a dynamic presence and showcased his incredible creations paired with jackets made with Dugdale fabrics.

The final partner was Mickael from La Bowtique Bow Ties, showcasing his wonderfully unique and elegant sartorial creations. He has travelled the world in search of the finest threads, seeking out silks from Italy, velvets, wools and linens from the UK and worldwide. Unable to find bow ties that combined premium materials with a modern, stylish cut, Mickael began to design his own.

Since 2011, La Bowtique has been providing beautiful bow ties to industry and private customers worldwide. We bring our Savile Row attention to detail and work with modern shapes and fabrics to create the perfect accessory for your special occasion.

a man in a red suit
Mickael of La Bowtique Bowties

Like-minded Meetings

One of our favorite things about these events is the ability to connect with others in the menswear community from around the world, with different focuses, skillsets, passions, and insights. It is in community that we truly grow, and The Sartorial Club provides a platform for this to happen in a fun, elegant, and creative way.

Anyone can join, from enthusiasts, small brands, to large companies.

A London Visit to Scotland

Following the main event, we visited Walker Slater's London Store, with two of the company's leaders to learn more about their company, their process, and vision for the future (as well as some well-earned shopping!). Walker Slater was founded in 1989 in the Scottish Highlands before later settling Edinburgh’s Old Town, which is where its headquarters are today. Despite now being over 30 years old, the company has not deviated from its mission, which is to champion the heritage and sustainability of tweed and woollen fabrics through contemporary and elegant clothing. Within each store, quaint and charming interiors and passionate staff harmoniously cultivate Walker Slater’s own, unique world and provide customers with an authentic taste of Scotland.

a group in a shop in London
Our TSC Group Visit to Walker Slater

From London to Oxford

We left London behind for the quiet roads of Oxfordshire. We stayed outside the city with a friend, and spent a few days exploring the city, and the countryside surroundings, sketching in cozy corners, and reflecting on the relationships and meetings of the previous days.

While in Oxford, we were inspired by the magnificent history in literature and study, as well as architecture of the area, and plan to use this inspiration to develop new designs in the coming months.