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Antoniella: Italian Pocket Squares and Scarves

Updated: Aug 27

From Florence to the hills of Umbria, our designs are inspired by the beauty around and within us.

It may be counter-cultural, but that is precisely the point. Our process of design, for our scarves and pocket squares is ultimately an act of love. In a world that demands haste, and is inundated with the "new", we choose the opposite. For us, sartorial menswear, otherwise known as classic men's style with a focus on detail, is an art form, and art cannot be rushed. This is the beauty of Italy: nothing is rushed, and the simple things are valued. From the foundation of this project we knew that its main goal needed to be one of true, slow artistry, valuing the process, and the small things.

an Italian man in the hills of Tuscany

In this industry it is not easy to stand out, with new collections being released every season without exception, and products ultimately going to waste. What was something we could do that would stand out, not only visually but in its very operation - in its very foundation? The answer? Create, with inspiration, and intentional love. And so we created our first Italian pocket square line.

Not Your Average Italian Pocket Squares

So how do we do this? The answer is two-fold (pocket square pun intended):

  1. We reflect and allow inspiration to dwell within us before putting pen to paper.

  2. We release that inspiration and use our skills (design, knowledge of menswear) to tell the story.

All our pocket square and scarf designs go through a process of refinement, and it is a slow, careful process that requires research, mediation, discussion, sketching, reflecting, erasing, testing, trying, and styling. It involves community input and personal feeling. Our design process is an entire ecosystem that contains a world of stories that we hope to tell and experience.

You Can Be Part of This Story Too

Whether you are someone who appreciates the simple pleasure of accenting your blazer or suit pocket, or a sartorially-minded menswear enthusiast who looks for a particular variety of line and shape in the folds of your neckerchief or pocket square, or simply a lover of design, with no prior interest in classic menswear, this story can be yours.

Join us as we share in our creation, in our styling, and our exploration.


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