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Creating the Perfectly-Sized Pocket Square - Our Approach to Our Menswear Accessories

Antoniella Roma Pocket Square in Cielo

Our favorite pocket square designs are back and with newly-updated sizes. The reason for this update is our desire to constantly improve our menswear accessories and we believe our designs are best shown on a slightly larger scale, as well as a larger size working more easily with many pockets.

We have been on a mission to find the perfectly-sized pocket square, and while some prefer very large (45x45cm) and some very small, (33x33cm), we believe we have found the perfect middle ground. We appreciate, you, our clients' feedback which helped lead to this update.

For our retailers who still prefer our smaller sizes, we are still able to produce any sizes required.

A few of our designs are not included in this update: Assisi in Verde, as well as Orvieto in Rosso, Blu, and Rose. These designs are currently retired, and any remaining pieces sold will be in the original sizes.

Thank you all for your continued support, and we cannot wait to keep providing unique, luxury sartorial accessories.

- Daniele + Kate -

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