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Summer sunshine, fresh fruit in abundance, the waves lapping at the shore. All beckon us to immerse our senses in an Italian summer. Ode to Napoli in Arancio - available both as a pocket square or a neckerchief size, a 65x65cm scarf that can be worn around the neck, as a head scarf, or bag accessory. The bold colors, filling the hand-drawn lines of the palms, and overflowing cornucopias transport you to the warm sun of Italy's southern coast. 

As a pocket square, its bold color pairs beautifully with more natural, neutral tones, like this safari jacket in a dark navy. Layers are the name of the game, even in the summer, creating visual interest.

Adding this design to you repertoire makes a statement, creating bold flavor to every outfit. For both men and women, whether as a pocket square or neckerchief. 

Ode to Napoli in Arancio



Summer is a season for color, and our Due Uccelli design, with its delicate patterned lines, makes a bold statement with its warm hues. Bright sunny gold, accented by a light cool cream, subtle pinks, browns, and the smallest hint of blues, give this particular design a vintage vibe. 

Made with 100% silk twill, the pocket square adds sophisticated elegance, and the neckerchief gives a luxurious touch of sunshine. Pair with a light linen shirt, or even a polo for a more casual look. 


Available as a neck scarf, and a pocket square, Due Uccelli in Oro is a design that transcends the trends. 

Due Uccelli in Oro

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 5.54.20 PM-2.jpg


Cities of the World in Marrone

Every now and then, a calmer, softer look is needed, even on the brightest summer day. Our Cities of the World neckerchief in marrone​ provides an upscale, elegant, yet rustic look. 

Made with a silk wool blend, this 65x65 neck scarf features intricate designs from Milano, Paris, New York, and Singapore, surrounded by art deco inspired patterns, this design adds a modern, metropolitan edge which makes it unique from our other designs.


Pair with a light linen shirt,  or under a t-shirt with a suit, for a casual elegant look. 


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